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It gives you minute-by-minute predictions packaged in a digestible way. Weather information can be very detailed and clunky, but Dark Sky conveys it neatly. You can review all of the details of your forecast and choose the ones that you need. You'll be able to get hourly forecasts of projected conditions and temperature for your entire week, with customizable weather alerts available. It includes advanced local and global radar maps that allow you to see where storms are as well as where they are going. The information all translates well into the Apple Watch app, which pares everything down to the basics.

On top of that, Dark Sky supports a family sharing setup, so up to six family members can use the app. Of course, we had to include The Weather Channel app on our list, as it's the most downloaded weather app on the market. It'll provide you with everything you need to know about the weather, and at no cost.

You'll be able to receive forecast reports 15 days in advance, and you'll get by the hour information for two days into the future. The app covers the basics, such as temperature, wind speed, and storm reports. Keep an eye out for thunderstorms and hurricanes with the real-time severe weather reports and live radar maps. The alerts provide useful data for both convenient and safe traveling.

Weather Radar : Principles and Advanced Applications

Along with the numbers, you'll be able to view daily video content about the weather. Keep in mind that some users have reported bugginess with the program. The Weather Channel app updates often and reads through user reviews, so it's constantly evolving. Weather Underground displays accurate hyperlocal forecasts, coming with interactive radar, satellite maps, and severe weather alerts. You can receive hourly updates for up to ten days. Each station has instruments to gauge numbers for temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed, and direction.

Data from user-owned weather stations fills in the missing information between airport weather stations that show general forecasts, so you receive hyper-accurate statistics about your neighborhood. The reporting feature also allows you to confirm the conditions and post your own updates.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the app's notifications for first and last light, as opposed to just sunrise and sunset. With this information, you can know whether or not you'll have enough visibility for doing things like hiking or going on a bike ride. Free and easy to use, WeatherBug delivers fast alerts and provides reliable real-time forecasts from your current time to ten days into the future, using localized GPS data. If you're in areas affected by hurricanes, severe winters, and lightning, you'll receive real-time storm alerts.

On top of everything, the app will inform you how the weather may influence your sports, workouts, allergies, pain, and more. Measurements unique to WeatherBug include heat index, pollen count, and UV index.

Weather Radar - Principles and Advanced Applications | Peter Meischner | Springer

WeatherBug has forecasts for over 2. And besides the forecast, you'll be able to get a heads up on real-time traffic conditions to prepare for your trips and commutes. NOAA Weather Radar Live lets you keep track of multiple locations at once, so you'll know how your friends and family are doing while keeping track of the weather conditions where you are.

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You can add bookmarks to specific areas to highlight key places. The app allows you to search detailed information about a location by pinpointing it on a map or looking it up by name. It uses real-time animated radar images, showing rain, snow, precipitation, and cloud cover.

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You'll be able to get push notifications for tornadoes, flood warnings, snow storms, and other harsh weather for your current location. Besides radar maps, you'll also be able to get basic numbers about the forecast, such as pressure, humidity, wind speed, visibility, sunset and sunrise, and dew point. With the app, you'll be able to look ahead seven days into the future for wherever you want. Ryzhkov and Dusan S. Zrnic Springer, This monograph offers a wide array of contemporary information on weather radar polarimetry and its applications.


The book tightly connects the microphysical processes responsible for the development and evolution of the clouds' bulk physical properties to the polarimetric variables, and contains the procedures on how to simulate realistic polarimetric variables. With up-to-date polarimetric methodologies and applications, the book will appeal to practicing radar meteorologists, hydrologists, microphysicists, and modelers who are interested in the bulk properties of hydrometeors and quantification of these with the goals to improve precipitation measurements, understanding of precipitation processes, or model forecasts.

Available in Amazon. Hydrologic Remote Sensing: Capacity Building for Sustainability and Resilience Yong Hong , Yu Zhang and Sadiq Ibrahim Khan CRC Press, Environmental remote sensing plays a critical role in observing key hydrological components such as precipitation, soil moisture, evapotranspiration and total water storage on a global scale. As water security is one of the most critical issues in the world, satellite remote sensing techniques are of particular importance for emerging regions which have inadequate in-situ gauge observations.

This book reviews multiple remote sensing observations, the application of remote sensing in hydrological modeling, data assimilation and hydrological capacity building in emerging regions. It explains the basic thermodynamics and dynamics of the troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere, and discusses the physical and engineering principles behind one of the key tools used to study these regions - MST radars.