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Howard House Museum! Orders will be filled until after Howard Days June , The t-shirts will officially go on sale June 8th at the Howard House Museum. The shirts will be available in both black on white and white on black, so order both colors — one for daytime wear and one for evening wear. Overseas shipping will be more. To get the rate for overseas shipping, send an e-mail to Project Pride. The first plate can be viewed here. REH:TGR will feature the entire portfolio along with a plethora of Howard fiction, essays, articles, reviews and artwork.

Some of the guests announced to date are:. James Darren, Singer and Actor Tall, good-looking James Darren was a student of acting coach Stella Adler and made his name in the s in a series of teenage-themed films. A better actor than most of his contemporary teenage heartthrobs, which is probably why he was the only actor who appeared in all three Gidget movies, Gidget , Gidget Goes Hawaiian and Gidget Goes to Rome It was in that James Darren was approach to co-star in a television series, The Time Tunnel, which has since become a pop culture classic. Robert Colbert from The Time Tunnel and Maverick Robert Colbert became an enduring television icon when he got the starring leads on Maverick and The Time Tunnel, two classic televisions series that can still be seen in reruns today.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Robert will have some impressive photos and artifacts from Beemer's scrapbooks on display. He had been tested 14 months earlier when Henry got the part. In , Ron Ely signed to play the lead role of Tarzan a. Lord Greystoke , in a successful television series that ran two full seasons. Already well educated and fed up with civilization, Tarzan returned to the jungle and, more-or-less assisted by chimpanzee Cheetah and orphan boy Jai, waged war against poachers and other bad guys.

The series was so successful he even starred in two movies made from that series in Ely claims that he refused to use a stunt double in his vine-swinging or animal fights, and as a result he was often injured on the set. It was reported that a sequel had been filmed in the Lake Tahoe area simultaneously with the principal photography for the first Doc Savage movie, but the sequel was never completed because of the poor box office for that first film.

George Pal, famous for The Time Machine and War of the Worlds , passed away shortly after this movie was released in theaters, possibly another reason why a sequel was never completed. Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. Moonstone Books.

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The Rook, a character created by Barry Reese, now lives on in stories written by Reese as well as five other premiere writers of New Pulp! While you're there, why not register for the convention and a chance to meet three of the best contemporary illustrators of Robert E. That issue was the first to benefit from the input of John W. Campbell, a pioneering science-fiction writer hired to assist F.

Within a few short years, John Campbell had assembled a stable of writers that included talented newcomers and reliable mainstays alike. His roster of contributors was unparalleled by any other magazine in the field, and the first six years of his tenure as editor saw the publication of such classic science-fiction stories as "Slan," "Who Goes There? Roberts, PhD. To read the original pulp adventures of The Eagle, checkout. Before John Carter another earthman visited the Red planet: Lt.

Gullivar Jones. Now these legendary warriors are brought together for the first time! For complete details, visit the ERBzine website at the link below. ERBzine - Dum Dum. Adventure House. Hardcover edition - Now available! Before it is all over, every human life on Earth will tremble on the brink of eternity, and Doc Savage will face his greatest test. At the printers and shipping later this month! Coming in October! Miskatonic Books. Black Coat Press - Now available! Black Coat Press. After a long and productive winter, BDB has set the lineup for its new releases. We hope you'll find something to your liking.

Black Dog Books has begun issuing its back catalogue in ebook form. We will be releasing several titles per week over the coming months until all our titles are available in the manner. Links may be found at the bottom of a titles?

Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome.

If a link is not listed, a title has not yet been converted into ebook form. Be patient and check back often. Thank you for your patronage. And remember, please order direct whenever possible. Your direct orders and support do make a significant difference to independent press operations. Black Dog Books - Now available! Travel to nine dystopian tomorrows, where current trends threaten the very existence of mankind. A time when robots threaten to throw millions of workers into unemployment A world where everyone lives 24 hours a day in individual automobiles A program that selectively breeds office workers for maximum efficiency An academic rivalry between two universities that ends in mass murder A city so crowded that people make their homes in never-landing airplanes A more totalitarian society than and Brave New World The Threat of the Robot marks the first new collection of works by Keller in over thirty years, and includes many uncollected works.

With an introduction by Gene Christie. Author: David H. Keller, M. The leopard couch of eternal memories. The severed hand of a desert sheikh—and its frightful vengeance. An old hag damned to misery, until she can acquire a thousand kisses.

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The mysterious black cat that knew too much. The vampiric young nobleman who terrorized London. A Christmas house party—with Satan himself as a guest? These and more thrilling adventures by the incomparable Sax Rohmer await the reader in The Leopard Couch and Other Stories of the Fantastic and Supernatural—including four stories never previously published in the United States!

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Paul Wilson. Web of the Sun by T. Shock Troops of Justice by Robert H. Cover art by Fred Craft. Gaston Max" - Now online! Also, Ed has added new sales items to the Collectibles page. The site is being updated daily, so frequent visits will be required to keep up! Quarantine Studio. Coming in December! ERBville Press - Now available! Girasol Collectables.

Last Months Replicas. Rescheduled for June 30!

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Limited Edition - Sold Out! Trade Edition still available for pre-order! Hard Case Crime - Coming in ! First publication ever! August !

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Winter Cover art by Chuck Pyle A breathtaking first novel written in the form of three separate crime novels, each set in a different decade and penned in the style of a different giant of the mystery genre. Hard Case Crime. Awakening naked and screaming in a post-apocalyptic future, he discovers our already-shattered worlds being overrun anew by savage alien invaders—and the Machine strangely silent.

Plunging into action, he finds himself armed with only a few high-tech weapons and a sentient spacecraft with its own hidden agenda. Now he must discover the truth about the attackers, about himself—and about the other Hands of the Machine. Do any still live? If so, will they help him or hinder him? Now White Rocket Books is rectifying that situation. All a reader needs is an up-to-date browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.