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In the first part of a wide-ranging interview carried out by a founding member and the first editor of Rethinking Marxism , Jack Amariglio, and a long-standing member of the Association for Social and Economic Analysis AESA , Lucas Wilson, Robin Kelley presents us with slices of American history analyzed with profound insight and delivered through a very personal lens. As one of the many themes picked up in this rich interview, Kelley dwells on the notion of dialectical critique as one of his main inspirations from Marxism.

He argues that in this kind of critique, the point is not to resolve conflicts but rather to transform them, to produce from differences something new.

Learning from and Translating Peasant Struggles as Anti-Colonial Praxis: The Ghadar Party in Punjab

This all-embracing commodification in society and the need to resist it that Kelley points at in his interview appear as a theme in the artwork we present in this issue. At a time when contemporary photography is largely associated with digital culture, social media, and self-documentation, artist Jonathan Johnson introduces viewers to the experience of viewing images in a slow and personal way.

In the act of slowing down, walking, and getting lost, Johnson captures points of space in both rural and urban environments, avoiding the signs and symbols of commodities as well as portrait-style images. He uses a small instant-film camera, producing credit-card-sized images with saturated colors.

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  • Gramsci in Latin America: Reconstitutions of the State.
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The images capture the explorative nature of experiencing new environments, presenting the viewer with the feeling of being in unfamiliar spaces. The content of the images as well as the process of their creation present a critique of productivism, against structured time and the constant generation of commodities. This incredibly rich research, largely in Italian, has become so vast that it is difficult for Gramscian specialists to remain current, let alone nonexperts. Chun explains how Filippini utilizes the insights of contemporary Gramscian research to produce an accessible introductory text for both specialists and novice readers.

As an applied linguist who is interested in utilizing the Gramscian framework to explore and develop alternative ethnographic and pedagogic approaches, Chun argues that Using Gramsci could not have appeared at a better time for those of us who are committed to engaging the public in confronting and countering the hegemony of neoliberal capitalism.

Book Political Philosophies Of Antonio Gramsci And B R Ambedkar

It has been five years since we assumed the editorship of this journal. We are thankful for our partnership, which was nothing less than ideal. We feel deep gratitude to the Editorial Board of Rethinking Marxism. We relied on their experience and wisdom. We thank the associate editors Stephen Healy and Maliha Safri for their advice. Boccaccian Renaissance Conference, Oct. Storia di Stefano Cucchi' Duccio Facchini.


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